Aromatherapy Kits & Accessories

Aromatherapy Kits & Accessories

We stock a range of quality Aromatherapy Accessories and Kits to help you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Our aromatherapy accessories include:
- Electric Aromatherapy Vaporisers
- Ceramic Essential Oil Burners
- Ultrasonic Diffusers
- Essential Oil Storage Boxes
- Essential Oil Travel Bags
- Essential Oil Packs
- Aromatherapy Gifts
- Aromatherapy Bottles & Jars

We specialise in providing Aromatherapy Kits and Essential Oil Kits for aromatherapy and natural therapist students, therapists, schools and colleges.  These range from aromatherapy starter kits right through to professional kits and are perfect for the aromatherapy beginner right through to professional therapist.

Our aromatherapy kits include:
- Aromatherapy Starter Box Kit
- Aromatherapy Enthusiast Box Kit
- Aromatherapy Professional Box Kit
- Aromatherapy Starter Bag Kit Small
- Aromatherapy Starter Bag Kit Complete

More detailed information about our aromatherapy accessories and aromatherapy kits can be found here