Natural Skin Care

Aromatherapy Based All Natural Skin Care

Our 100% natural range of aromatherapy based natural skin care is free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. The Essence of Wellbeing skincare range is a truly holistic aromatherapy based range offering a unique and natural approach to health and beauty.

Our natural Australian skincare brand has been developed and formulated by a qualified Aromatherapist, using only the highest quality natural ingredients selected for their rejuvenating, moisturising and hydrating properties.

Our products contain No artificial fragrance or added colour(s), No petrochemicals, No SLS, No alcohol, No parabens, and are Not tested on animals. Our natural skin care products are all Choose Cruelty Free accredited.

Our Natural Skin Care Range includes:

Natural Face Care
- Natural Cleansers
- Natural Exfoliants
- Natural Masks
- Natural Toners
- Natural Moisturisers
- Natural Skin Care Packs

Natural Body Care
- Bath & Shower
- Body Lotions & Butters
- Hands and Feet
- Body Care Packs

Natural Hair Care
- Natural Shampoos
- Natural Conditioners
- Hair Care Packs

More detailed information on our Aromatherapy Skin Care Products is available here