Raw Materials & Cosmetic Ingredients

Raw Materials & Cosmetic Ingredients

Our range of premium raw materials and ingredients are perfect for creating their own cosmetic and skincare products.

We stock hydrosols, Australian clays, butters, waxes, & salts which are ideal for the DIY cosmetic enthusiast through to cosmetic manufacturers. Our quality natural raw cosmetic materials can easily be incorporated into formulations for cream, lotions, spa products, and most other cosmetic products.

We are a supplier of choice to large number of soap, cosmetic and candle makers - so you can buy our products with confidence!

Our range of raw materials and natural ingredients includes:
- Natural Salts
- Hydrosols (Natural Floral Waters)
- Natural Vegetable Butters
- Natural & Unrefined Waxes
- Australian Beauty & Cosmetic Clays

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